God's Warehouse Blues

Black Cold Bottles

I'm afraid of die, I never saw monkeys with knives
There's a new trouble, there's an old letter
I choose watch it 'cause nobody teached me
Maybe somebody could turn his red into a deep green

And she's still running
Running from an harmless mouse
But she knows, Jesus is a truck
Headed to God's warehouse

I'm listening the alarms but it don't make any sense to me
I just know I'm alive, I was set completely free
And suddenly you came and said: "hey, I'm building a house!"
Don't lie to me; I know you're still practicing things that I don't agree

Now I see you're hungry
But someday you'll be satisfied
By now, you should know:
Jesus is a truck headed to God's warehouse.

Composição: Black Cold Bottles
Enviada por Bruno.
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