Banda Cartoon

Once I've denied what was left in my soul
Bidding my time like I'd never grow old
Tought I could live for forever like that
But this darkened street suddenly came to a dead end...

I feel like my beard has grown too big to ignore that I

Became a man fool of doubts in my head
Gaining more wisdom but loosing my hair
Wondering where all that questions would take
But I was feeling ok, I was feeling ok, feeling

Ohh, Lord. Where do you want me to go?
Ohh, Lord. Where do you want me to go, I don't know, but I

Suddenly found myself walking alone
Following the beat of my very first song
Light in my eyes and I clearly could see.
What just could have been me... what just could have been me...

And now what can I be? I feel no need to rush about.
The wind that's taken away my ears has also taken all my doubts.
Pain and fear have blocked the way and frightened me to deaf
But now in silence I can hear the sound of all the rest and I can hear that

God speaks... to me as the wind blows through my hair
God speaks... in my heart so I ain't sad
Godspeed! Through the journeys that you're yet to go
Godspeed! 'Till the day He will take your soul...

Composição: Khadhu
Enviada por Daniel. Revisão por Daniel.
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