Bad Brains

Never to breakdown never to fall we won't keep living with our
Backs agains the wall you say we're so ignorant but you can't
See what might be right for you is not always good for me. all i
Wann know will we ever be free. me loving you you loving me. you
Bring us to the groiund in a system built ofr fools then
Mastered the politricks. that kept us in your schools. you
Taught us anger by never showing love. now i hope you never find
Out what we've been dreamin of. never to breakdwon never to fall.
We don't keep loving with our backs agians the wall. you say
We're so ignorant but i can't agree cause i know what's right
For you could never be right for me.

Composição: Darryl Jenifer / Mackie Jayson / Paul Hudson
Enviada por clarissa.
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