A Lil' Bit Of Love

Alesha Dixon

Are you ready for the sound one like Johnny
Along side one like Alesha
Put a lil' love

You've been fighting again
When it's gonna end
How do you think you gonna survive

Now how many more time you gonna come cry
Tell me it's gonna be fine
I know you've been scarred
I know its been hard
Don't give it up easily
If you love this man then
You must demand that both of you need to see

[Pre hook]
You gotta work hard for let it keep
Hold of in me
Sure you wanna stay
So be the one to make the choice to
Build on it everyday

So put a lil' bit love in to it
If you lookin' to find
Every relationships got a story
You gotta take a good and bad time
If you wonna make it last forever
You gotta fix it up from the start
So put a lil' bit of love in to it
Cuz the feel of love comes from the heart

I know you unsure feelin' insecure
Lost in the circle of life
And from the outside it looks so right
Don't get caught up in the lie
If something is not good then why they should be
You gotta learn how to change
Cuz if there's fire you must not retire
It's a game what play in

[Pre hook]


Yeah mmm.. I'm feelin' now
You want to get vibe it out
Wow wow yeah yeah yeah
Turnin' round
Cuz you need to look at the bigger picture
Listen to no one stays together
That's why they about yeah

Some guy wants it easy
Some gal want it nice
For this to succeed you both have got to try
The relationship the way that it is
It's not always right
But you can make it happen
Bring someone in your life
You don't wanna be the one that's left alone
Cuz the way you been treating her has been wrong
Wow so if you scared then
You're get this though
Put a lil' love in to it

[Hook] (2x)

A lil' bit of love (4x)


I say wow

Put a lil' bit of love in to it

Composição: Dixon / Jerry Douglas / Judie Myers
Enviada por Matheus.
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